Free Code Camp,Lekki

On the 15th of April, 2017 thirty-seven youths assembled at the venue of the first ever Free Code Camp, Lekki Edition, eager to participate in the lecture of the day.

The training program was organized by Maxfront Technologies Ltd in association with Coding Lab Nigeria Ltd, with the primary goal of raising software developers at different levels to be financially independent, as well as creating a network of like minds in the country to strengthen, support and partner with one another.

The array of participants present were at beginner, intermediate and expert levels of programming, and were still able to actively participate and comprehend the lecture of the day; Angular2.

Angular2 is a programming framework that is today bringing true object oriented web development to the mainstream, in a syntax that is strikingly close to JavaScript.

After a distinct welcome speech from the Managing Partner of Maxfront Technologies Ltd, Mr. Simeon Inyeneobong Peter, the participants’ had a familiarization session in which they introduced themselves to one another and the organizing team.

The lecture which was about an hour long was a very practical and interactive session; it had the full attention and participation of the attendees, who were very enthusiastic to learn.

At the close of the code camp, the refreshed participants exchanged contact information with one another and expressed their earnest anticipation for next edition of the Free Code Camp Lekki.

The Organizers of the event; Maxfront Technologies Ltd and Coding Lab Nig. Ltd plan on having this event every month of the year, and look forward to having the next edition towards the end of May 2017 in a bigger and better way.

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