Our Integrated Membership Management and Billing Solution is another product of Maxfront Technologies Ltd. As a response to membership-based organizations having challenges with a digital means of managing their members or having one that doesn’t meet their expectations, we built this solution to automate the manual processes of clubs, societies, and associations.
With our membership solutions, clubs, societies, and associations can now manage their members online via a secured portal hosted on a cloud server infrastructure. Among other features, the platform is built to handle registration, online payment via secured payment gateway, manage membership application, and issuance of membership certificate with an embedded QR code.

This platform has a verification engine that enables anyone, based on settings, to verify members’ membership status. It also has robust user role management and workflow manager features, configurable to handle any club, society, or association’s most complex workflow processes. With its rich reporting tool, users can generate various analytical reports based on their criteria.

In the same year 2020, we successfully deployed the solution for the Nigeria Environmental Society (NES)

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