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We are a leading provider of advanced process automation solutions. Through our extensive knowledge and experience in software development, we have achieved successes and won admiration from both local clients and foreign entities. As a result, we were in 2016 awarded an International Quality Crown by BID Group One & Business Initiative Directions. BID Group One is one of the most prominent voices of Quality Culture with its Total Quality Management being used in 179 countries.

Our Services

We are renowned for our expertise in enterprise system design and implementation, processes automation, general purpose and platform agnostic application development for establishments or entities such as B2B, B2C, C2C, B2G, G2G.

Solutions Development

Companies are demanding more from their solution developers and integrators, we deliver bespoke solutions.

Process Automation

 We automate business processing to enable customers cut costs associated with a specific process or processes.

Cloud Technology/Hosting

The world has moved. Cloud hosting is transforming business systems and making enterprise vision possible like never before.

Web Design/Development

Our team of professional web designers will work closely with you to see that your project is dynamic, scalable, mobile friendly, well optimized for search engine and light for slow internet


Our job is to see that you are guided in the right direction as you consider the lucrative method of transacting business. You could be running an online ecommerce business and need help rebuilding or enhancing what you already have.

IT Consultancy

Improving our Research and Development to support continuous growth, product and service improvement, reliability, quality, simplicity, cost competitiveness and customer satisfaction.




At Maxfront, we pursue initiatives that demonstrate world-class performance in all that we do, It is this commitment that will ensure our continuous success through meeting our customer’s requirements and exceeding them, this is done with the individual participation and team work of all our passionate team members, with improvement, commitment and a fast response.

Our Works

Our team of forward thinkers and revolutionizing people aspires to present you with the finest of solutions with perfection par excellence. We follow extremely non-compromising strategies to deliver results which are completely based on the customer’s requirements.
Our every endeavor is in the path of helping our customers streamline their operations in order to take full advantage of the imminent technologies and systems



Maxfront Technologies Ltd will conduct its business moderately, without prejudice, in a moral and apt manner, in harmony with the company’s values, and in full compliance with all Nigerian laws and regulations. In the course of conducting company business, integrity underlies all our relationships, including those with customers, suppliers, and communities and among directors and employees.
The premier values of moral business conduct and conformity are required of people associated with Maxfront Technologies Ltd in the performance of our company responsibilities. We will not produce sites or application that contains illegal, pornographic or offensive content.

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BID International Quality Gold (2016) Award Winner & Business Excellence Award (2017) from World Confederation of Businesses – Texas, U.S.A