Revenue collection Solution Maxfront offers an unparalleled revenue collection solution that is flexible and thorough. We pride ourselves in providing seamless and secure solutions that cater to the payment of licenses, permits, and workflow systems relating to Consumption Tax, Property-related taxes, Natural resource taxes, and permits.

We prioritize our data protection policy, which equals international standards, and develops bespoke software platforms that cater to the public and private sector with inbuilt revenue split function. We believe in constant engagement; hence our real-time customer service process interactions are top-notch to serve you best.

  • Permit, license, approval issuance Solutions for government agencies.

 Maxfront eliminates the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of issuing and acquiring permits, licenses, and approvals with seamless and secure solutions that eradicates delays. Our portal possesses the capacity to facilitate the application and issuance of permits and licenses such as Expatriate Quotas, Certificate of Capital Importation, SON Permits, NAFDAC permits, Import and Export Licenses, and different types of industry service permits or licenses.

  • Solid minerals, oil, and gas royalty payment Solution. 

We develop credible portals that aid the calculation and enable the settlement of solid minerals and oil and gas royalties by investors. 

Our revenue-split function to respective agencies is technology-driven, cost-effective, and user-friendly.

With Maxfront, you can be confident that your royalty computation management is top-notch and error-computation-free; our data protection and user-experience increases client-confidence. 

  • Environmental compliance monitoring and Process Administration Solution.

We understand how vital compliance is to regulation, especially as it relates to the environment. Because Maxfront is a forward-thinking brand, we are always ready to work hand in hand with government agencies to develop technological features that regulate policies and their compliance. We exist to understand each eco-systems uniqueness better; our solutions are secure, efficient, and dynamic.

We create seamless portals that aid in applying environmental compliance permits and fast-track issuance related to various ecological agencies.

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