Despite the challenges that permeated the entire economic landscape in 2020 and the devastating impact on individuals and corporate institutions, no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company made tremendous strides in all aspects of its operations that culminated in an impressive year, achieving a  growth target of 33% in 2020. This write-up presents a snapshot of our activities for the year and the outcome, which is a credit to our Board of Directors, the Management, the staff of the Company, and our numerous stakeholders.

Apart from our regular service of boosting our customers’ capacity by assisting them to go digital, we continued developing our systems to meet clients’ expectations and much more, leveraging our agile team of software engineers and project managers.

We are also positioning ourselves now and in the future to increase our innovative strengths to create exceptional customer value, productivity gains, and a growth-centric path for our customers. We measure and benchmark our work and service delivery based on our solution’s impact on our customer’s business processes and return on investment.

Below are the highlights of some of our achievements in 2020:

  • 2020 Marginal Field Digital Solution
  • Ibom Tourism digital platform
  • RenderQuiz
  • Learning Management System aggregator (LIMSSA)
  • Integrated Human Capital Management System (iHCMs)
  • Membership Management and Billing Solution (AnyMember)
  • Enquiry Management System (EMS) Help Desk System
  1. The Marginal Field bid round digital platform is one of the achievements of Maxfront Technologies Ltd in the year 2020. Designed, developed, and deployed for the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, the Department of Petroleum Resources– DPR, the digital platform provides a broad-ranged of digitally enabled functionality to support, bid, and licensing rounds, mergers, acquisition, and asset divestiture need.   The DPR wanted a robust online solution that would enable them to manage and administer the Marginal Field 2020 Bid Round processes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As a technology company with a knack for details and excellence, we leveraged our domain expertise and internal capabilities to deliver a holistic solution that supports the bid round process; hence, offering investors a digital approach to registering, applying, and getting pre-qualified to participate in the round bid exercise. The Department also stepped up from when the Nigerian government manually sold marginal fields over fifteen years ago by using our online platform to enable investors to bid and get pre-qualified without leaving the comfort of their offices or homes. We worked closely with DPR’s subject matter experts and the Director of the Department of Petroleum Resources’ office to build a robust and secured solution. The solution enabled the Department to manage the processes and investors in the 2020 Marginal field bid round value-chain: registration, pre-qualification, data prying, data leasing processes, and the sales of Competent Person Report (CPR), the purchase of various field reports, such as Specific Fields Report (SFR), technical and financial bid submission processes, and technical and commercial bid evaluation processes.  All these processes were done virtually, including the data prying and data leasing sessions, which were made possible via our integration with Schlumberger’s Limited Virtual Data Room portal via a secured API integration between both systems. Maxfront is proud and privileged to say that it is the first Company in Nigeria that developed and offered a robust and secured digital solution that enabled the Federal Government of Nigeria to conduct the bid and licensing round exercise for its marginal fields in 2020.
  • The Ibom tourism digital platform is an information center developed to provide visitors with information on Akwa Ibom’s attraction locations, lodgings, maps, and other items relevant to tourism.

The purpose is to guide visitors to tour around the State whenever they visit. The website is primarily responsible for promoting local tourism products and services in Akwa-Ibom State; consequently, it directly impacts the State’s economic, social, and recreational well‐being.

  • We also developed an online quiz platform known as Render Quiz. It is an all-in-one test administration software that helps create multiple-choice tests seamlessly based on the embedded algorithms and workflows. This software provides users various question types, including multiple-choice questions. One can easily click on the corresponding option to directly enter questions and answers in their present form to create multiple choice questions readily. It is a unique and secured portal that allows individuals and corporations to develop and manage quizzes, assignments, tests, and exams.
  • Learning Management System Aggregator (LIMSAA) is a learning management solution we developed to enable all learning institutions, consulting, and HR firms to plan, quickly deploy, and offer e-learning services using an easy-to-use platform. This e-Learning platform delivers and manages all types of content, including video, audio, and documents. LIMSAA has various functionalities that include rubrics, tests, quiz exams, instructor-facilitated learning, discussion boards, online collaborations, anywhere and at any time, performance tracking, and syllabus. LIMSAA has revolutionized the way operators in the eLearning market segment manage their institutions, as it offers multi-tenancy capabilities to enable schools with multiple institutions to operate from a single learning management system leveraging a flexible subscription-based model.
  • Our research findings show that various organizations operate their HR departments without a human capital management system or a competency administration system. In responding to this significant issue, which could cripple organizations’ quest for internal capacity building and competent development, Maxfront came up with an Integrated Human Capital Management System (iHCMS). Our iHCMS will help organizations plan, develop, monitor, assess enterprise talents, harness competencies, manage employee gaps, carry out succession planning to drive employees’ productivity and business sustainability. iHCMS converts an organization to a forward-thinking one, as it sees human capital as assets.
  • Our Integrated Membership Management and Billing Solution is another product of Maxfront technologies Ltd.  As a response to membership-based organizations having challenges with a digital means of managing their members or having one that doesn’t meet their expectations, we built this solution to automate the manual processes of clubs, societies, and associations.

With our membership solutions, clubs, societies, and associations can now manage their membership administration processes online via a secured portal hosted on a cloud server infrastructure. Among other features, the platform is built to handle registration, online payment via secured payment gateway, manage membership application, and issuance of membership certificate with an embedded QR code.

This platform has a verification engine that enables anyone, based on settings, to verify members’ membership status. It also has robust user role management and workflow manager features, configurable to handle any club, society, or association’s most complex workflow processes. With its rich reporting tool, users can generate various analytical reports based on their criteria. Alumni associations could use the solution at various levels.

In the same year, 2020, we successfully deployed the solution for the Nigeria Environmental Society (NES)

  • Enquiry Management System (EMS) is one more software we built-in 2020. This Enterprise Help Desk software was deployed for DPR as an Enquiry management system to enables subject matter experts to respond to queries, resolve the issue(s), and provide clients with the best customer experience.

Our expert software developers built this cloud base inquiry, ticketing, and resolution knowledge system to allow customer service, support, and call center personnel to log customers’ inquiry (calls and email) and route inquiries to the appropriate division that manages inbound and outbound communication with customers through our information-driven technology.

We develop this system to serve as a User Innovation Collection database that leverages customers’ input to improve performance and service delivery across board and resolve customer inquiries satisfactorily. EMS is a possible way of enhancing service offerings based on customer inputs and or data analysis derived.

Other achievements

As a forward-thinking company focused on delivering value across the value chain, meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations, we re-built some platforms that we currently operate for our clients due to the ever-changing technological landscape and global best practices.

We also re-designed and redeveloped The PETROLEUM PRODUCT IMPORT & EXPORT PERMIT SYSTEM – (IMPEX), a portal built-in 2015 for the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and other operational solutions, to keep up with the trend of continual technological innovations changes in the Petroleum products importation guidelines. The IMPEX portal objective is to help streamline permit issuance, notification, and recertification of the value chain end-to-end, for petroleum products marketers. It handles local trucking without humans having to sign manually.

We provide peace of mind to our clients by developing and managing their solutions and giving them the technical support and resources they need to run the day-to-day business.

In 2021, we are excited to deepen client satisfaction, ensure business continuity, process automation, and fashion new partnerships to keep growing. We look forward to working with our clients to co-create the next generation of digital platforms to flexibly and powerfully support their business.

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